SHAME on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Cisco!

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Note to the above companies: It’s not only your ability and capital investment that made your success in the market possible. It’s also your liberty. And now you help totalitarian China censor its people’s access to the Internet and you – Yahoo! – you help them bust dissident writers?

May all your smilies spit in your company’s face!

Get a clue, Yahoo! Monetary profit is a GOOD thing when you earn it by doing good things. But your wealth stands for what you have done to earn it. The next thing you buy with your bucks, you might want to look at it as a big ol’ commie sledgehammer and rethink your company strategy.

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Note to everyone else: Have a read of :
Congressman Christopher Smith Statement for Hearing on “The Internet in China: A Tool for Freedom or Suppression?”

Here’s an excerpt: ” Good morning and welcome to this hearing on the Internet in China. We are here to examine a problem that is deeply troubling to me, and I believe, to the American people: that American technology and know-how is substantially enabling repressive regimes in China and elsewhere in the world to cruelly exploit and abuse their own citizens.”

You’ll need Adobe Reader to read it.

And here’s an interesting and informative page on the topic of Shi Tao’s imprisonment as a result of Yahoo’s aiding the Chinese government:

The Case of Shi Tao by Roland Soong

The Freedom of Chinese Netizens not up to Americans by Chinese blogger Michael Anti – he’s not against the American companies that compromise by censoring in order to get a share of the Chinese ‘net, because these connections still provide the Chinese people with better services and information than the Chinese services do. But as to Yahoo’s collaboration that got Shi Tao incarcerated for 10 years – thumbs down.

And then there’s this:

China’s Economic Reforms Depend on the Free Flow of Information By Jane Morse, Washington File Staff Writer

And one more link:

Rep. James A. Leach statement on “The Internet in China:
A Tool for Freedom or Suppression?”
Excerpt: “According to
China’s own state-run media, it has ‘put together the world’s most extensive
and comprehensive regulatory system for Internet administration,’ and has
‘perfected a 24-hour, real-time situational censorship mechanism.’ A
Chinese government delegate to the U.N. Working Group on Internet
Governance has even been quoted as hoping that China’s experience can act as a lesson for global Internet governance. However, we must be vigilant in
protecting the basic function of the Internet, lest it devolve into a mere
accretion of state-controlled sub-networks.”

Again, you’ll need Adobe Reader.

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