According to a Washington Times editorial from February 23rd, the head of the state Democratic Party in Minnesota has demanded that television stations pull an ad showing Iraq war veterans and families of fallen soldiers who support the war. The ad is meant to counter those vets and families of slain soldiers who have come out against the war, such as Cindy Sheehan.

The editorial says that the state Democratic Party of Minnesota is trying to stifle debate on this subject and, from the article, it sounds like it to me.
But as long as they don’t try to OUTLAW the ads, the Democrats are within their rights.

That doesn’t make them right, however.

But as long as people are legally free to take their message to other stations or other kinds of outlets, communication will survive. Attempts to stifle dissenting views only make the stiflers look like goons.

Have a read of the editorial here:

An antiwar message from the Midwest

To view the ad, go here:


I’ve watched the ad, and find it strong in some respects and weak in others – there’s some appeal to emotion that I’d rather was left out. But overall I think it’s a reasonable and true ad.

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