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SERENITY – Joss Whedon Does it Again!

Prodos and I saw the movie Serenity a couple of days ago with two friends, and all four of us loved it.

I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction and/or the talents of creator Joss Whedon. A couple of reviewers have claimed that the movie will only appeal to people who saw the series “Firefly” – that “Serenity”, a continuation of the series, is not self-contained.

But all four of us – Prodos, Mario, Gigi, and I – agree that the movie seemed totally self-contained, and should appeal to anyone who enjoys heroism, adventure, science fiction, and battles against governments who try to socially engineer us into submission.

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  1. Dear Sydney,

    Your blog is turning out to be a terrific resource of ideas and values. You cover a wide range of interesting, important, and thought-provoking issues.

    Great work! 🙂

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  2. Thanks, Prodos!

    And to the rest of you, I want to mention that Prodos and I have been re-watching the Firefly series on DVD, and I want to recommend that to readers as well.

    The trouble is, it’s hard to stop watching before the whole set of discs is through. That’s several hours of TV.

    The only other trouble with it is that the series was cancelled before Joss was able to round up the story. It ends abruptly, with no farewell episode. Shot dead in its tracks.

    However, fans loved it so that they bought the DVD sets in huge quantities. That it made making a movie to round up the story a feasible project.

    If you haven’t seen the movie yet, rent the DVDs of the series first.

    It’s terrific entertainment, in the intelligent, dramatic, and humor-rich Joss Whedon style.


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