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Robert Tracinski

Ah-HA! I was just wishing that a recent article published in TIA Daily, which is an e-mail magazine by subscription, was available to the public online for free because I think it should be widely read. And guess what! The author of the article, Robert Tracinski (who is also the editor of TIA Daily), is allowing a few of his articles to be published online for free, and that article is one of them!

Please read The Suicide Bomb Morality.

Also, please have a look at this one: Publish or Perish: The Lessons of the Cartoon Jihad.

And thank you, Rob, for offering some ofyour eye-opening articles to the world at large!

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  1. That Robert Tracinski article on “Suicide Bomb” morality is indeed important. It says it all, including the unnecessary, self-inflicted suffering of those with the “martyrdom” disease. Thanks for pointing it out. Over the centuries, perhaps Objectivism will spread throughout the world, and suffering and the initiation of violence will decrease exponentially. It’s a slow process but it is really man’s only hope for a future worthy of man.

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  2. The two articles were interesting, One thing I spotted that I have thought of is before we can do much to stop muslim terrorists. we will have to face our own religions Objectively. That will take moral courage our politicians have not shown for some time.

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