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My Picures, Your Stories!

Here’s a little fun for those of you, children or adults, who like to make up stories.

From time to time I will post illustrations that I’ve created through my 3-D art programs, and anyone who wants to can write a short story inspired by that image. It can be just a few words, such as “I think this is a picture of…” or it can be a full story up to, roughly, 1000 words.

OR, you can play a game with other participants by writing an unfinished story and letting someone else finish it. Or several people can add bits until somebody finishes it.

Alternatively, you could write a poem inspired by the picture.

Just post your story or poem in the comment section for this blog entry.

Please remember that this is a moderated blog, so your item won’t show up until I’ve had a chance to approve it. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step, because otherwise I’d have all kinds of annoying spam in my comment sections. Even with the filter, I get a lot of junk advertising in the moderation queue.

And now, the pictures:


Picture One


Picture Two


Picture Three

All illustrations are copyright 2007 Sydney Kendall and may not be reproduced without my permission. All stories and poems posted here are the property of their authors and may not be reproduced outside of this blog without their authors’ permission.

Have fun!


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  1. Sharon

    Pic 1…

    A long time ago in another land
    The unicorn a magnificant brand
    Combine a horse with a horn so sharp
    And then you have a creature with heart

    They stand so proud they are so strong
    Why have they not been here all along
    A myth you say or legend too
    I have not seen but one or two

    What is their purpose you may well ask
    To look for lost souls is their main task
    Upon a fallen angel found
    Lying helpless on the ground

    A human form with wings to match
    A butterfly too hard to catch
    It fell from far away and above
    One of God’s own creatures made with love

    Doeth it lie there helpless is it dead
    Upon it’s body they dare not tread
    The unicorn born strong and proud
    Gives out a call so very loud

    He calls to someone who will hear
    He’s filled with wonder and with fear
    This helpless babe lies still and sweet
    Somehow it dropped right at his feet

    Another sibling it did watch and wait
    As the mother dear prepared it’s fate
    She breathed upon it soft and slow
    Then saw the sign, a heavenly glow

    Like the unicorn from stories told
    This newborn child will not grow old
    Did it fall from heaven or from grace
    It was hard to tell by the look on it’s face

    Will I spread my wings and homeward fly
    It asks the other standing by
    We cannot leave this baby here
    For it’s future I will but fear

    Who gave us life can take away
    Or do we face another day
    Things like this we cannot decide
    From life and love we will not hide
    So let us scoop it up, poor little love
    Ride on our wings far and above
    To a place where beauty has no end
    So to it’s needs we can attend

    They say we really don’t exist
    We aren’t upon any list
    But we know who we are and why
    So watch us as we homeward fly

    For reasons unknown we all exist
    We are all born and on His list
    So if you see a unicorn fly
    Then this story is not a lie

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  2. Sharon

    pic 2

    While innocently she does sleep
    The one from hell so silently creep
    A ball of fire a look of dispare
    Holds out his hands he does not care

    So many times he tries to wake
    He is not real he is but fake
    A fallen angel fell from grace
    Torn and twisted is his face

    I say to her who sleeping fair
    Dreams of the goodness that’s out there
    Do not let slumber, dreams or more
    Take you from a God you so adore

    He put us here to live and love
    To keep away from what is not
    A part of Him who makes us all
    This wretched creature did but fall

    He is love our hearts desire
    Not this creature made of fire
    Let this demon be refused
    It will torment and confuse

    So think good thoughts my little one
    Send it back from whence belong
    Do not let it cover you
    For your life be overdue

    Fire of hell burns strong and bright
    Creatures come but in the night
    Cowards they are just for fun
    Do not let them make you one

    Burn bright your flame for all that’s good
    Send them back to burn like wood
    Sickly are the smells of hate
    Be born again and save your fate

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  3. Sharon

    pic 3…

    Jump high yea man of little faith
    Run fast and far from all that’s safe
    Show the world who’s right or wrong
    Be your conviction be it strong

    Who knows what’s best for all mankind
    A wharper soul you will not find
    A man who thinks that he knows best
    Someone who is above the rest

    I will do all as I please
    Be it real or just a tease
    No one to tell me I’m not right
    I will not give up and lose the fight

    I can jump buildings up so high
    I don’t ask where nor ask I why
    Don’t care for answers for I know
    Who I am and where to go

    My words of wisdom words of pain
    Am I normal or insane
    Do I care oh no not I
    Look at me all but fly

    Let me lead you onward bound
    Jump like me far from the ground
    Over buildings cities too
    Join my numbers all so few

    Arrogant and full of charm
    Let me lead you by the arm
    I will take you to a special place
    Where no man can fall from grace

    Don’t be fooled I say to you
    Man like this has not a clue
    Keep your feet firmly on the ground
    Your mind be clear and be sound

    He thinks he knows it all my friend
    But let me tell you of his end
    Too big for britches and no brain
    Tries too hard to too much gain

    Take baby steps along the way
    On the straight and narrow stay
    Listen to all others talk
    So no more running let’s just walk

    Slow and steady wins the race
    Across the line a smiling face
    I did it right there is no wrong
    And now I’m back where I belong

    If once you see a man so high
    Don’t knock him down so that he die
    Just tell him patienly as can be
    To open his eyes to all he can see

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