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My Pictures, Your Stories 2

Here are more pictures for the storytelling game. Here are the instructions from the first set:

From time to time I will postillustrations that I’ve created through my 3-D art programs, and anyone who wants to can write a short story inspired by that image. It can be just a few words, such as “I think this is a picture of…” or it can be a full story up to, roughly, 1000 words.

OR, you can play a game with other participants by writing an unfinished story and letting someone else finish it. Or several peoplecan add bits until somebody finishes it.

Alternatively, you could write a poem inspired by the picture.

Just post your story or poem in the comment section for this blog entry.

Please remember that this is a moderated blog, so your item won’t show up until I’ve had a chance to approve it. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step, because otherwise I’d have all kinds of annoying spam in my comment sections. Even with the filter, I get a lot of junk advertisingin the moderation queue.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

All illustrations are copyright 2007 Sydney Kendall and may not be reproduced without my permission. All stories posted here are the property of their authors and may not be reproduced outside of this blog without their authors’ permission.

Have fun!


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  1. pic 5……..

    Alone, lost in thought suspended in time
    Sorrows burden the dark recess of my mind
    Too young to know, too old to remember
    A tortured soul yet to surrender

    What went before has come again
    I sit alone without a friend
    The fear that comes and will not pass
    Sets on my face a somber mask

    I find solace so far down
    I look for peace that cannot be found
    My limbs they ache, my heart it throbs
    Of the life and love of which I’m robbed

    Into the depths of grief I slip
    Tears that down my cheeks do drip
    I close my eyes and see him there
    I reach for him but do not dare

    The years have all but slipped away
    Though I still know the time and day
    Never to see his face again
    I turn to this and then my pen

    As night too soon becomes a day
    I stand and wait and then I pray
    I wonder if he sits alone
    Yet I know he never will come home

    My heart it breaks as like a branch
    A tall dark tree I see by chance
    A little child curled up real tight
    Drifts in and out my mind all night

    A whisper filled with tenderness
    A gentle hand to caress
    A heart that fills with so much love
    A child of mine who abides above.

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  2. Oh, Sharon!

    So achingly beautiful and personal. Thank you for contributing this.

    I apologise for taking so long to put it up. As you can see, I haven’t gotten any other responses so far on these pictures, and all else has be SPAM. So I’ve been very lax about looking at the queue.

    Thank you again. If I only get this one response out of this project, it was worth it.


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  3. A child’s hand reaches out to God
    A bird. a butterfly or something odd
    I’ts face so full of innocent love
    Prepares to fly way up above

    The flowers that form a perfect face
    Leave behind the tears without a trace
    So young, so small, so unprepared
    This child of love that is not shared

    Set free to fly and to discover
    A world apart with another
    Who will it find awaiting there
    Maybe a heart filled with care

    To live too old or pass too young
    Begin a life or not have one
    Who ‘s to say what’s right or wrong
    We know not all where we belong

    So fly away my precious one
    And let your journey just begun
    Be filled with joy and endless love
    Your home on earth or up above

    Life’s lessons must be learnt by all
    So stand up strong, proud and tall
    A minute here or hours there
    Alone in time with no dispare

    How many of us take that chance
    To make it better and inhance
    In all we do and all we say
    On bended knees we all should pray

    I wish I could I wish I had
    Time to rejoice and to be glad
    My time here is far too short
    Back to heaven I must report

    Don’t cry for me nor hold me back
    I feel no pain and do not lack
    For kind sweet words of love and all
    From within your heart, I will not fall

    Look up above to the sky at night
    And see me in my room so bright
    As I see you so far down
    I will not cry nor will I frown

    A smile of sweet contentment lies
    A twinkle in my big blue eyes
    This smile upon my childlike face
    I’m happy here in my own place

    A day will come when we meet again
    And be my mother or be my friend
    We will not forget all that’s passed
    Hand in hand the future we grasp

    In the meantime while you must wait
    I’ll stand here quietly at the gate
    That leads to wonders yet to behold
    Like skies of diamonds and streets of gold

    So live your life to the very best
    Work hard and long till then you rest
    And all that in this world you sow
    Will bring you home, trust me I know

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  4. pic 6

    I’d rather be or wish I was not
    I’m lost in thought or maybe plot
    Yet here I am alone and lost
    All by myself to bare the cost

    Where did I come from to whom belong
    Am I to stay here, and for how long
    My head it hurts, my heart it aches
    But here I’ll stay, how long it takes

    A sad reflection etched on my face
    The night so young but fast the pace
    Where have I been , with who was I
    So I sit and ponder how and why

    Did he leave me or was it I left him
    Was it from the beginning or on a whim
    Did the night go bad from the very start
    Or have I lost all and then my heart

    A guilded portrait at my back
    A thirst for knowledge I now lack
    Am I to go or do I wait
    For someone to come and seal my fate

    Why can’t I remember or am I forgetting
    I’m cold and I’m lonely and now I’m fretting
    So if you pass by me and think you know
    My name or my number or my place to go

    Take pity on a young lass whose lost her way
    Who doen’t quite know if she should go or stay
    Or how I did get there and for how long
    I’m beginning to feel faint and not so terribly strong

    My purse it is falling down to the ground
    I’m anxious now and want to be found
    Should I even be here or somewhere new
    My head it still hurts and my thoughts are few

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