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Munira Mirza on Unbridled Debate

I invite you to read Let’s Have a Heated Debateby Munira Mirza. EXCERPT: “When political figures and community activists call for ‘civilised debate’ or ‘the right kind of dialogue’, what they are effectively saying is that any opinion deemed too controversial is a risk to public safety.”

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  1. A survey on Muslim Attitudes conducted by Munira Mirza has been released in the U.K. on 29th January. Sections of the British press are cherrypicking some excerpts that suit their tastes and tilts.

    Given to an advocate of assimilation, the Mulim Attitudes survey’s findings will sound differently. Whereas a promoter of pluralism will underline about the richness diversity can bring.
    It depends on how the questions were posed and interpreted.

    But if any youth sociologists are consulted, they will list several factors that make some youth give non-traditional, non-conventional responses that reflect their displeasure and an urge to sound different.

    In 1970s the hippies rebelled against established institutions, criticized middle class values and opposed the Vietnam War. In 2000s we have others who dissent and debate on new issues face now. We really don’t need knee-jerk reactions to refusniks and sub-cultures.

    For those who are riveted to the “Muslims-are-bad narrative”, the Policy Exchange suvey will supply some fresh anecdotes to keep the issue alive. Becoming alarmist is easy, but engaging with the roots cause of the situation needs more skills that usually sensationalist reporters have little patient for.

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