Here’s more from my information-gathering on New Orleans/Katrina. I got the following links from TIA Daily, an Objectivist e-mail publication I receive every day.

If you’d like to check out TIA Daily and The Intellectual Activist, click HERE.


A Perfect Storm of Lawlessness by Nicole Gelinas

Police, Residents Loot New Orleans Stores

Law Officers Quit By Joseph B. Treaster – NY – Requires registration.


Let’s Hear About the Heroes – by Deborah Orin, New York Post – EXCERPT: “There have been plenty of problems and glitches but the truth is that most Americans are doing what they always do in times of crisis — rallying together to raise lots of money, volunteering, comforting strangers and helping.

“But a lot of the media seems to have decided that’s not the story — the goal is to turn Katrina into Iraq II, so nothing but bad news is worth reporting and all bad news must be President Bush’s fault. ..”

Tribes” Find Way to Survive in French Quarter

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