Sydney KendallOh, look! I have a place to express myself in front of the whole www! I can shape world opinion! I can make a name for myself! Maybe I can even sell a few more novels!


I have a lot of interests, including but not limited to my new husband, Prodos, and writing, acting, ballroom dancing, drawing, designing jewelry, and studying and applying philosophy.

I’m also a delighted fan of the no longer produced Joss Whedon TV series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” (and looking forward to the forthcoming “Serenity” movie, based on the late TV series “Firefly”). I’m also a devoted fan of philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand. In fact, I call myself an Objectivist. (One who has studied and agrees with Rand’s philosophy).

I do not think Joss Whedon and Ayn Rand share the same politics, by the way. I don’t know much about Joss Whedon’s politics, but at a recent Buffy/Angel convention here in Melbourne, one of the guests from the show descibed Joss as a “screaming liberal” or a “blazing liberal” or something along those lines. (I took that to mean “liberal” in the American sense of the word, not the Australian, which is the opposite of the American sense.) Ayn Rand was not a conservative, but certainly was not what present-day America calls a “liberal”. So there well may be a big gulch between the two writers in their professed politics.

And yet… my god, do I love both artists’ creations with a passion!

I got interested in philosophical principles unusually early, and I’ve loved the subjects of liberty, scientific discovery, creativity and invention since I was really, really, really, really young. Really.

So those themes: philosophical principles, liberty, scientific discovery, creativity and invention, are the ones you’ll find most often when you drop by. And occasionally I might say something about the book I’m writing on how I got interested in those subjects really, really, etc., young.

My posts on this blog will be me thinking things through right here, as I type, applying my principles to all kinds of issues in the news and in my life – whatever I’m wanting to clarify to myself on a given day.

If you think you see a hole in my information, please inform me! If you have thoughts you want to add or arguments to make, fill in the comment box!

Until I get a chance to look at how the screening system works, everyone’s posts will go through the moderation cue (that’s the default setting). That means your post won’t show up until I’ve had time to look at and approve it. So please be patient. If what you type is courteously offered, it will appear as soon as I can click “approve”.

Yippee! I’m a blogger!

Sydney Kendall

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