As I said in an earlier post, “From Way Down Under on New Orleans”, I don’t consider that I know enough about the situation in New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to do much in the way of well-founded commentary. But bits and pieces are coming together.

Here is a link to an article by Christopher Ruddy writing for Newsmax.

Don’t Blame Bush for Katrina

It offers information that helps bring the situation into clearer perspective. But I’m still looking out for more.

Today in Melbourne, Australia, the letters to the editor of the Herald Sun were not at all helpful. They were closer to hysterical in their anger at the USA and at President Bush, blaming US culture for the violence in New Orleans in the aftermath of the hurricane, and for leaving the poor to fend for themselves. And all of the mess down yonder was proof to these letter writers that Bush is no good.

But they didn’t offer any substance to their ravings, just leaping, finger pointing and spitting. And prejudice and meanness.

Only one person wrote in defence of the USA, and that person felt it was disgraceful the way fellow Australians were leaping to scourge the Bush administration and American culture.

So it was good to read Mr. Ruddy’s offering after a morning of America-bashing on the letters to the editor page.

By the way, while most natural disasters in most places in the world probably spawn a few looters and some bad behavior among the lowest characters among the human race, the violence is seldom shocking, as it’s been in New Orleans. I don’t recall exceptional violence erupting in Florida during any of the many past hurricanes that occur every year, even in the worst ones. I don’t remember natural disasters spawning such radical evil behavior in other American disasters. And so far I haven’t read or heard of big violence having occurred in the other southern towns struck by Katrina. All the violence seems to have been in New Orleans. All the major governmental incompetence seems to be in New Orleans. All the focus is on New Orleans.


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