I’ve just been reading three interviews done by James K. Glassman of three meteorologists who specialize in hurricanes.

Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University, Dr. James O’Brien, Director of the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies at Florida State University, and Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist for University of Alabama in Huntsville all strongly, even adamantly, agree with each other that Hurricane Katrina is not the result of global warming, and they offer some important information explaining why they think this.

Go here to read these interviews or to listen to a podcast of the interviews.

On the other side of the track is Ross Gelbspan of the Boston Globe who is certain that Katrina and all the severe weather we’ve been having is caused by Global warming.

Go here to read Gelbspan’s article.

And THIS link may also render some additional information on the Katrina=global warming view. It is to the website of Dr. Kerry Emmanuel, professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT. However, I have not had time to look it over.

This is a crucially important issue, whichever way the truth goes. If global warming is and will continue to be causing more deadly than usual weather, and if this warming is significantly man-made, then we’d better do what we can to stop it.

If global warming is not the problem, or if man-made pollutants are not the cause, then we’re told that taking the measures recommended by such programs as the Kyoto Protocol will only hamper the developing nations and undermine economies everywhere.

One side says that the scientists who disagree with the global warming faction have been bribed by Big Oil. The other side says that it’s easier to get a government grant studying weather if you seek to uphold the man-made global warming view.

Are those who are telling us that the sky is falling just a bunch of Chicken Littles being used by other people with a political agenda that has nothing to do with the weather? Or are they Cassandras who need to be heeded?

I’m going to keep giving you links to help us all decide. Please visit my LINKS page for a more complete and growing list of links from both sides of the argument. (The LINKS page can also be reached from the ‘LINKS’ circle at the top of every page.)

If you know of any especially good web sites or articles from either point of view, please let me know.

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