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I’ve Been Interviewed!

Anniversary_2011_FIlteredYes.  Me.  Barbara “Barboo” “Tallulahdahling” “Sydney Kendall” Alison Himes Marinakis.

The interviewer was a fellow fabric designer over at Spoonflower, Lana Gordon Rast, who decided to try to whip up some interest and reel in some new customers by interviewing designers by email and posting the interviews on her blog.

So here’s the interview link! 

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    Delightful interview.

    I enjoyed the way you threw in the “supermind” thing. It’s the sort of thing I’d expect of a young Lex Luthor — if only he’d used his talents for good instead of for evil. 😀

    The “hilarious epic musical fantasy story” thing sounds like an interesting concept.

    Live Long & Barboolabong.

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  2. SydneyKendall

    Thank you, Dear. The Luthor reference is so interesting. You’ll have to explain that later, over dinner…

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