Senators Criticize Bill on Illegals I’m not sure what to think of this, but my immediate reaction is that the Democrats are right on this one. Many visa violations are minor, and some people get into the country illegally because they don’t have time to wait … they need to legitimately get away from their home country. Or they just want to be free and can’t stand their own country anymore. Or they’re sick of being dirt poor and want a chance to work. These people shouldn’t be criminalized.

On the other hand, there are dangerous people who enter the USA illegally or stay beyond their visas illegally because they want to blow the smithereens out of Americans. Still others want to do non-political criminal acts, or escape legitimate prosecution in their own countries.

I understand why some members of the government want to make it easier to get these criminals out of the country by making it easier to jail and deport EVERY visa flouter. If the government has suspicions that somebody is dangerous, they don’t have to wait to prove that the person is a terrorist or serial killer. They just show that the person’s visa has run out or that he’s never had one, and bye-bye… Wait… can’t they already do that when somebody doesn’t have a legitimate visa?

The article said that right now, illegal immigrants just get hit with fines under civil law. I didn’t know that.

Hmm… I definitely don’t know enough about this subject to comment with confidence.

Just what does it mean to make illegal entry into the USA a felony? What would be the penalty or penalties? Would a person who entered illegally but never committed a crime or hob-nobbed with criminals or terrorists be treated as a felon? Would it matter WHY the person came in or remained in the US illegally? Would the government bother to find out such crucial facts pertaining to justice, or would the procedures be sweeping and undifferentiated?

I definitely need more information.

But to make every immigration offender into a felon, to have a felony on his or her record, when a lot of them are not intent on doing anything but getting peaceably by in life in a free country … uuuh… I can’t get right with that idea. If that is what is being proposed – and I’m not going to rely on the content of just this one news article on that – then I may be agreeing with the Democrats for once.

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