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Al-Afif al-Akhdar, Another Courageous Arab

In my campaign to celebrate those who risk everything to uphold liberty, I give you Al-afif al-Akhdar. This man has been on the job long time.

The Roots of Jihad

I’ll write more about this when I have time.

Thanks to the Egyptian Sandmonkey for posting excerpts from “The Roots of Jihad” on his blog. “Rantings of a Sandmonkey” has been a great portal for me into the Arab world, where I can find those Arab champions of reason and liberty that I’ve been hoping for.

* * * * *Comment added March 21, 2006: I wrote the above post before I finished reading that very long article on Akhdar. I planned to finish reading the article (after having read Sandmonkey’s excepts and the first part of “The Roots of Jihad”) and then write about my thoughts on it when I had time. But I was so excited by what I had already read, I wanted to post a link to the article right away.

I’ve now finished reading the article, and I’m disappointed that Akhdar criticizes capitalism and upholds socialism. Continue reading

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An Iranian Blogger

This time I salute an Iranian blogger, Azarmehr, living in London. He’s not a witty guy like The Sandmonkey, but he gets the job done.

Here is his front page:

Introduction: “For a democratic secular Iran. For peace and prosperity in the Middle East. This weblog was created to act as a platform for the voice of secular pro-democracy activists in and outside Iran who are struggling against the religious dictatorship of the Islamic clerics in Iran. My favourite quote: ‘Evil only prevails when the good stay silent.’ ”

A few of his articles that I recommend:

Going Back to the Repression of 80s?
Iran’s Communists Attack Sun & Lion Flags in Rally to Support Bus Drivers
Another Cartoon that the Clerics Didnt Like
Hamas Victory
Expansion of Havana-Tehran Ties

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No Clash of Civilizations

I stand in awe of the Arabs who publicly declare – straight in the face of an Arab/Muslim audience on Al-Jazeera TV – the kinds of things Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan has declared.

A Clash between the Mentality of the Middle Ages and That of the 21st Century

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Jyllands-Posten does it again!

… Not to mention people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, Salman Rushdie, and nine others.

Jyllands-Posten, the Danish paper that published the 12 Mohammed cartoons, has now published, online, a manifesto signed by 12 courageous writers/journalists/intellectuals. (Hmmm… 12 and 12. Is that a coincidence?)

MANIFESTO: Together Facing the New Totalitarianism

Most of the signers are already under the death threat from Islamists and continue to demonstrate their courage for the sake of liberty.

I hope the major newspapers around the world emulate the guts and the backbone that Jyllands-Posten has displayed in supporting these people, and may J-P stand firm and strong and get heaps of support and customers!

Twelve cheers for Jyllands-Posten and the Manifesto signers!

And don’t forget… BUY DANISH! *8 : )

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Wal-Mart a Threat to Christianity?!!!

Oh, this has GOT to be a joke!

No. I’m afraid it’s not.

Freedom to Shop

One religious group wants to ban cartoons of The Prophet, and now another claims that the presence of a Wal-Mart in their midst will interfere with their spirituality.

At least these Wal-mart (and K-Mart and Target and etc.?) banning Christians aren’t rioting and burning automobiles. But have the anti-cartooner Muslims inspired these anti-consumer Christians to try a similarly controlling, if non-violent, manipulation in the name of their religious sensitivities?

This is just bizarre.

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Keith Windschuttle Defends Civilization

Go read Howard, Cultural Warrior by Keith Windschuttle. “By standing up to radical Muslims at home, the Prime Minister is a role model for other Western leaders.”

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Freedom of Speech

The following links to an article that was written in 1989, when the Ayatollah Khomeni put out a fatwa to kill Salman Rushdie over his book “The Satanic Verses”. (That fatwa against Rushdie has recently been renewed, after the publication of the 12 Danish cartoons of Mohammed. The thinking, if you can call it that, is that if Rushdie had been killed over his book, Western cartoonists would not have dared to draw Mohammed.)

This article is as pertinent as in 1989. Western appeasement of those who threaten free speech with violence is still with us, and is still as stupid.

Religious Terrorism by Leonard Peikoff.

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Thomas Sowell on Wiretapping

Have a look at what Thomas Sowell has to say about the wiretapping of calls from known terrorists into the USA without a court sanction. Something to think about.

Point of No Return by Thomas Sowell

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The War on Liberty

In 1979 there was an Islamic Revolution in Iran. I read about the imposition of a theocratic regime in horror, and expressed my horror to some people at a Christmas party. I was shocked to hear some of these people telling me off: “You should be more tolerant of other cultures. It’s not our place to criticize. They have their culture just as we have ours!” “If this is what the people want, then that’s fine. Don’t try to judge another culture by our standards!” Continue reading

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