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Freedom of Speech

The following links to an article that was written in 1989, when the Ayatollah Khomeni put out a fatwa to kill Salman Rushdie over his book “The Satanic Verses”. (That fatwa against Rushdie has recently been renewed, after the publication of the 12 Danish cartoons of Mohammed. The thinking, if you can call it that, is that if Rushdie had been killed over his book, Western cartoonists would not have dared to draw Mohammed.)

This article is as pertinent as in 1989. Western appeasement of those who threaten free speech with violence is still with us, and is still as stupid.

Religious Terrorism by Leonard Peikoff.

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The War on Liberty

In 1979 there was an Islamic Revolution in Iran. I read about the imposition of a theocratic regime in horror, and expressed my horror to some people at a Christmas party. I was shocked to hear some of these people telling me off: “You should be more tolerant of other cultures. It’s not our place to criticize. They have their culture just as we have ours!” “If this is what the people want, then that’s fine. Don’t try to judge another culture by our standards!” Continue reading

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The Scarf: Should it be banned in Schools?

This entry is more to gather information and the reasoning of others than to put forth my own.

Under my mental banner of “Religious Freedom” I have always believed that so long as the followers of a religion do not try to impose their practices on others by threats of or actual physical force, they should be free to go about their (non-human-sacrificing) rituals and customs as they will.

But since two World Trade Center towers, one Pentagon and four airliners collided with I forget how many terrorists, there are some who have focussed on banning one symbolic aspect of Islamic custom from use in schools: the head scarf. And forget about the whole-female-body cover-up deal. Continue reading

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