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The War on Liberty

In 1979 there was an Islamic Revolution in Iran. I read about the imposition of a theocratic regime in horror, and expressed my horror to some people at a Christmas party. I was shocked to hear some of these people telling me off: “You should be more tolerant of other cultures. It’s not our place to criticize. They have their culture just as we have ours!” “If this is what the people want, then that’s fine. Don’t try to judge another culture by our standards!” Continue reading

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Butterflies and Wheels

A friend of my husband’s and mine recommended to us the website “Butterflies and wheels” , a site that promises to “fight fashionable nonsense”. It intelligently smacks down such monstrosities as “multiculturalism”, “Political Islam” and other “intellectual ” fashions beleaguering the liberties of the individual in the modern world. I highly recommend Butterflies and Wheels, even though both editors consider themselves to be on the political left.

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Banning Piglet

Appeasement of irrationality is not the same as religious toleration. To be tolerant, in a rational, intelligent way, means to respect other people’s right to practice their religion, so long as that religion does not include human sacrifice rituals and the like.

Tolerance also extends to the way a person treats another. To maliciously taunt someone of another religion or race – or over some other difference – because of their difference, is certainly a rude and perhaps even threatening act.

But then there there are the “multicultural” excesses of today – excesses that are irrational acts of “tolerance”, which are actually acts of intolerance against Westerners by a few highly infantile, hyper-offense-sensitive members of the Muslim community. And, worse, this intolerance is turned into official policies by members of the Western community in places of authority, anxious to prove to Muslims that they are not bigots.

This cannot result in pleasant relations between Muslims and Westerners living together in the West. Such choices on the part of authorities to ban whatever offends a few Muslims can only lead to a growing resentment against Muslims. Continue reading

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Death to Multiculturalism!

At last it seems that the fad of multiculturalism is beginning to lose respect. Britain’s government is reclaiming the right to expel aliens who preach violence against the West, and who want to impose their own religion on others by force. And this morning I read this article Cultures Not Equal that says that since the London bombing, more writers are speaking up against the multicultural approach. Goodie!

“Multiculturalism”, as I understand it, is not the same thing as pluralism. Pluralism is a condition of acceptance of various races, cultures, and religions joining together in one nation, in one varied culture , with each group bringing something of its own to that culture. All are welcome, so long as they abide by the laws of the land.

But those who do not respect the rights of their fellow human beings, those who hate the pluralism and freedom that characterizes a free country, and who threaten or do violence to others, allgedly as part of their own ‘culture’, are not welcome in a pluralistic society. They are, in fact criminals.
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