Here’s where having a blog really comes in handy.

A friend of mine wrote a letter to the editor of the Australian newspaper in response to a letter that had claimed that, of the events of the 60s, the Sexual and the Feminist Revolutions had not had a significant impact on society, but that the Vietnam War and its protest movement had.

My friend Anna thought this was an absurd statement. The Sexual and Feminist Revolutions have had a gargantuan influence from the beginning, and tremendously changed our world. She did not say that all of it had been good, or that all of it had been bad. She did not, in fact, address the moral evaluation of that major turn of the cultural tide. She wrote to make the point that the sexual revolution had hada huge impact, and that the previous writer had stupidly belittled the influence and enormous change it had wrought.

For her trouble, Anna got blasted for defending the sexual revolution, got labeled “shallow” for her ‘breathless” letter, and was treated to a long list of ills that had come from that revolution as proof that she was out of touch with reality.

The fact is that none of the 10 respondents answered the letter that Anna had written.Some, while not blasting her, just bounced off her letter or the other writers’ letters without regard to Anna’s point.

The blasters, however, all read Anna’s letter through the filter of their most righteous emotions, not their intellects, and missed her whole point. In their knee-jerk reactions, they actually backed up the point that Anna was making – that the sexual revolution had INDEED had a huge impact on society, it had changed our world in a big way. They showed, without realizing what they were doing, that the writer that Anna had been refuting was the one who was out of touch with the reality, and that Anna was right.

They took a quite intelligent letter, written by a woman of intellect, to be the scrawlings of a feather-brained dummy.

I so wanted to leave a comment pointing out Anna’s point, but the comment section was not open to further replies.

Thank goodness (and Prodos) for my blog!

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