The cousin of a friend of mine was found dead on December 2, 2010.  She died under unusual circumstances and the police closed the case as a suicide.  But the family believes it was murder.   They want to find out for sure what really happened, and have convinced the coroner to hold an inquest, but it’s going to cost the family $60,000, and they don’t have that kind of money.  Yes, the family has to pay for it.

This is a real case. 

Phoebe Handsjuk web page.

Finding the truth about a possible murder and seeing justice done is in all of our interests, so I have given $20.  I can’t spare much, and I do give to other causes.  But if enough people give a little it can greatly ease the burden of a family seeking the truth and seeking justice.

To donate, please click HERE.

There are only 3 days left to meet the funding goal.

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