I have just finished my second show as production assistant to Prodos for his new version of his Internet radio show, Prodos Worldwide on the Solid Vox network.

Prodos has had this network in mind for a very long time, and he has finally done it: he’s gotten together seven radio presenters, plus himself, is coaching them (most have not done radio presentation before), and offering them their web hosting free, in order to bring more voices who are friendly to liberty and capitalism to the ‘net.

The shows can be about anything – it doesn’t have to be about liberty or capitalism directly, but the host must be friendly to the values that we uphold.   That’s all.

The first installment of one of the new radio hosts’ shows is now online – The Stuart Goldsmith Show On this first segment, Stuart interviews Dr. Andrew Bernstein on the topic of Capitalism as the only moral social/political system.

Prodos’s two new shows are the first two in a weekly series he’s doing with Gerry “the Terminator” Jackson on the effectiveness – or ineffectiveness – of labor unions in achieving the welfare of their members, and what effect their attempts have outside the unions as well.



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