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Examining the growing threat to property rights of the institution of eminent domain.

Eminent Domain Off Target

This article is from June, sent to me a while back by our friend Tim Warner. Since I like to keep up with the battles against eminent domain, I must link to this article HERE.

Note, June 30, 2013:  The above link no longer went to the original article, but to the front page of Town Hall magazine, so I looked for an eminent domain article at Town Hall from June, 2007.  All I could find was a Fred Thomson piece from July, 2007.  Probably not the same article, but it’ll do.

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Eminent Domain: Ohio’s a Hero!

If you want to read about the Norwood citizens who stood up for everyone’s property rights at the expense of the ruin of their own properties (rather than taking the money and running like most people did), go HERE.

This is an informative article in the Cincinnati Enquirer regarding the attempt to take three properties by eminent domain. The owners fought on principle to keep that from happening.

While it may seem a terrible thing for the city of Norwood that their elaborate plans to dig themselves out of economic trouble cannot go through, I have no real sympathy for them. What are freedom-loving Americans doing Continue reading

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Zounds! I’ve been so zoomed in on the cartoon jihad that I completely missed inspiring big news on another crucial front!

Go read: Corporate Courage by Walter Williams.

The full-service bank, Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T), has announced that it will not lend money to any business who gains private property for its projects through eminent domain.

This is a truly moral stand.

An extraordinary one.

I applaud and hoot and holler and cheer for BB&T! And if I could afford it, I’d invest in their company out of the sheer desire to be part of a business that refuses to profit from a crime, even when the crime has been made legal.

Three-thousand cheers for BB&T!

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