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Green Blasphemy

This link – The Rise and Rise of Climate Blasphemy –  is to an article posted in July, 2008, but I only just came across it at Spiked-Online.   Another Brendan O’Neill gem.

“You don’t have to endorse Durkin’s film, or the ‘alternative’ climate-change theories that he and others have put forward (I, for one, do not), to be concerned about the censuring of anyone who challenges any part of the politics or science of climate change today. Rather, this is about upholding openness, scepticism and the right to question everything, in the world of journalism and in the world of science. “

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“The Debate is Over!”

This commentary is just too good to pass up:

Pathologising dissent? Now that’s Orwellian
By Brendan O’Neill

“Ahead of a conference on the psychology of climate change denial, Brendan O’Neill says green authoritarians are treating debate as a disorder.”


“…The labelling of those who question certain scientific ideas or green ways of life as ‘deniers’, ‘addicts’ and ‘reptiles’ with a ‘baffling’ inability to understand The Science and act accordingly has a deeply censorious bent. If ‘climate change denial’ is a form of mass denial and self-deception, a fundamentally psychological disorder, then there is no need to engage in a meaningful public debate; instead people just need to be treated…”

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