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Sacre Bleu.

France has really had a hard time of late. It seems rather riot-prone, no?

This time the trouble is that the youth – many of whom attend elite universities – have a major case of ignorance when it comes to the principles of economics. Are their schools failing them? Are they failing their schools? Or is it just that they haven’t gotten to Economics 101 yet?

Here’s an easy-to-follow piece by Thomas Sowell. If you know any elite French students who are willing to read English, pass this on: The French Student Riots by Thomas Sowell

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The Capitalist Manifesto

I want to recommend the most recent interview my husband, Prodos, has just put up on The interview is “Andrew Bernstein discusses his book book: The Capitalist Manifesto

I haven’t read the book yet, but from the excerpts I’ve seen online, and from the Bernstein interview, and from what Prodos has told me about the book, it looks like it’s going to be a manifesto to reckon with.

Once I’ve read it myself, I’ll review it.

Meanwhile, I recommend the Prodos interview!


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