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Cartoons and Liberty

Feel like reading more from those who support free speech and free cartooning?

Here are a couple of links regarding the Danish Mohammed cartoons – links in support of freedom of expression.

Democracy in a Cartoon by Ibn Warraq. Warraq is the best-selling author of “Why I am not a Muslim” and other books regarding Islam. He was educated in Koran schools in Pakistan, but now lives in the USA and writes under the traditional pseudonym for dissidents in Islam.

Hold the Line/Tenez Vos Positions Ah! The Dissident Frogman is probably my favorite Frenchman ever! Intelligent, witty, charming and supported by a steel backbone of liberty’s principles. Read his blog, and link to him using one of his clever “Support Denmark” banners.

And how about a link to the cartoons themselves? Prodos has posted them so that people can comment on his posting board, The 1776

Added Feb 8, 2006:
Free Speech has Liberals Tongue-tied Janet Albrechtsen, of The Australian newspaper, expresses her views on the slow surrender of Western values as illustrated by certain responses to the cartoon controversy.

Fear is Not Funny by Andrew Bolt, writing in Australia’s Herald Sun. Bolt believes the real reason Australian papers are refusing to re-print the Danish cartoons is fear. “Habits of free speech good enough for generations of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jews are too much for Muslims whose anger scares even their [Australian Muslim] leaders. Not publishing is a gesture not of respect, but of fear.” Bolt supports that decision not to reprint, but reluctantly and with a great deal of concern about what comes next….

Added Feb. 9, 2006:

I got a pingback today when the Hence the Elizabethan blog linked to mine. So I went to check out what the Elizabethan had put on her blog today – a brief commentary of her own and a link to another blog discussing the cartoon issue. That blog is called EGO, and it looks like yet another source for intelligent observations on current issues.

The EGO blog linked to a number of items that I didn’t have time to look at, but I recommend the one that I did read: Knife-at-Throat Sensitivity by Mark Steyn. Steyn slashes back at the knife wielders and the West’s more appeasing leaders with pin-point accuracy.

Thou Shalt Not Draw >by Robert Spencer

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  1. Let’s here it for free speech and making new cartoons of the Prophet…. please read:



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