There are so many interesting things to blog about and so little time. Especially now that I’m using most of my time to create digital art for Prodos’ and my projects.

I’ve now been production assistant for 3 Prodos Worldwide shows, two with Gerry Jackson on labor market issues, which is going to be a weekly event, and one with Dr. Anna Blainey,who discussed twodifferent philosophical strands, historically,of the feminist movement.

For the last couple of days I’ve been working on tee shirt art for the Sydney Kendall section that will soon be in the webstore. Right now I’m concentrating on making cat art for the shirts. Want a sample?

This is from an e-card I made as a thank you to friends:

Circle of Friends
Click the pic to see a larger version.

It will now be on tee shirts that you can give to friends, or wear in order to imply that you have friends, or that you like cats, or oriental carpets.

The cats, carpet, and floor are models I bought from DAZ, a 3-D model store.I posed the cats and arranged the elements of the scene. It’s not as impressive a job as if I drew all the art myself, but it’s faster, once you’ve learned how to manage the 3-D system, which has it’s own difficulties and quirks.

Someday when I have time I’ll post more aboutmy progress in learning to create 3-D art. Pretty soon I hope to be learning 3-d modelling as well.



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