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“A Turn for DeWurst” Comments? Questions?

For those of you who have read my novel A Turn for DeWurst, here’s a place where you can leave your comments or questions about the book.

There’s also a an information PAGE about DeWurst, which you can get to by clicking the DeWurst circle at the top of the blog. But the sections you get to through the top circle buttons are non-interactive.

So this blog entry is your only entry to making comments about DeWurst. Please, please take advantage of it!


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  1. SydneyKendall

    The following was sent to me on July 21,2005 from Tyler K., via the private messages on the “THE FORUM for Ayn Rand Fans” website:


    I am an 11 year old boy who has read your book with my dad. I would like to say that I enjoyed it very much. It was the first book that I read that showed me what young heros could do. I also was motivated after reading your book to take on Ayn Rand’s writings. So thank you for the awesome and motivating book.

    Tyler K

    Thank you, Tyler!

    I’m delighted to know that my book has motivated that level of ambition in a bright young reader.

    And hooray for you for being so motivatable!

    All the best to you and
    your reading adventures,


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  2. David Buchner

    Hi. Is my Caps-lock key broken or IS this just the way
    this is supposed to look?

    Anyway, seeing your blog here, and then stuff about
    dewurst, reminds me that I ought to be getting on
    with my gradual process of collecting worthwhile
    books for my little girl. Yours was fun, and is on a
    short list that includes all the Heinlein “juveniles”
    and a handful of others I’ve encountered randomly
    over the years.

    I assume you must have a general interest in children’s
    literature, so I was curious whether you’d enountered
    _The Giver_ which is about a terrifyingly risk-averse
    utopia — or _The Girl Who Owned A City_ which is a
    pretty unsubtle homage to _Atlas Shrugged_. Both
    have youthful protagonists bravely taking on daunting
    opposition, and both as far as I recall right now with
    the the explicitly Objectivist-friendly or
    individualist values I’m shopping for.

    Do you intend to try writing more books? It’s been
    a long while since I read it, but what I remember being
    startling — and so much fun– about _DeWurst_ was the
    total, unapologetic defiance of authority. As in: just
    because you’re kids, doesn’t mean you have to go along
    with arbitrary injustice. None of this “wait till
    you’re older” or “that’s just the way it is in life” stuff.

    Yep — We’ll definitely be reading that one to the kid.
    Getting a bit ahead of myself, though — we’re mostly
    still looking at the pictures!

    (Also: are you aware your blog doesn’t work at all in
    the Safari browser for Macs? At least not the version
    I have. I had to load in stinky old Explorer.)

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  3. SydneyKendall

    Thank’s for the comments, David!

    I don’t know anything about “The Giver”, but I have heard about “The Girl Who Owned a City.” I’d like to read both of those. Thanks for the tips!

    There’s also an amusing mystery story whose main character is a little girl who’s a whiz with the stock market. I read this story about 20 years ago on loan from a friend. I have the name of the book in an e-mail somewhere… for some reason I can never remember the title. I’ll let you know when I come across it.

    As to me writing another book for kids, I come up with a story idea that I simply HAVE to write, I *will* write another book, but I’m working on a non-fiction at the moment – or rather I’ll be getting back to it soon. My new life married to Prodos in Australia has distracted me from it.

    But *Prodos* is still writing his multi-episode fairytale, which I’ll be illustrating, and we’ll both be taking it on a two-person story-telling tour, complete with original songs by Prodos and costumes by me! The faitytale was inspired by some characters I drew for Prodos’s “Celebrate Capitalism” (TM) campaign. Prodos was so taken with the drawings that his imagination started running wild. It’s a fantastic and hilarious story, and completely pro-liberty/creativity/happiness.

    As to the incompatibility of my blog with the Safari browser, I didn’t know about that. I have let Prodos know (the thinkerToThinker blogs are his baby), and he’s going to get in touch with the company who created the blogs and find out if there’s a fix for that.

    Thanks for letting us know!


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  4. Gordon van Vliet

    Hi Sydney,

    I received two copies of your book (I pushed the BUY button twice, in error) and will save one in my library and pass the other to a deserving reader.

    It is a great story you have written and places emphasis strongly where it should. I love stories that divide right from wrong in clear terms.

    I have a young son and I am encouraging him to never take another as an absolute authority prima facia. Instead to think about what he is being told until he can reason out the facts and then judge them accordingly.

    He is quite the thinker…bold and imaginative all at the same time. It is a joy for me to have a hand in guiding his young mind, watching him grow and develop into a strong and individual thinker. I look forward to see the tasks he will choose to undertake as adult ambitions.

    Thank you for writing and please remind me to purchase your next book when you have completed it.

    I may hike with the NY Heroes next week (not settled yet). I am sure yours and Prodos name will come up in connection with the current controversy with the Finnnish authorities. Your approach seems measured and a good way to counter an unpleasant situation. Perhaps your response will help some people understand the fallacy of how groups are generally considered today. Let’s help individuals reclaim their lost rights or gain them for the first time. We thereby make our world a better place to live. Just being able to read the thoughts of others on Thinker to Thinker blogs makes mine a better dwelling place. Cheers.


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