More information on the “Sharia lashing”.

It is now believed that unpaid debts, not alcohol consumption, was the reason for the lashing.


Man accused of sharia law assault called bin Laden ‘soldier of God’

“A MUSLIM man who once called Osama bin Laden a ”soldier of God” participated in a brutal flogging of a man to impose his religious beliefs and his standing in the Islamic community, police have alleged in court…”


“Muslim groups condemned the attack, saying it was misguided if motivated by sharia law. Kuranda Seyit, the executive director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, said it condemned criminal actions in the name of religion.

” ‘Anyone who takes the law into their own hands will be dealt with by the Australian judicial system,” he said. ”If these men did what is alleged, then they have no understanding of sharia and should be discouraged.’ ”

Well, that’s good to hear.   I do think that Muslims are supposed to abide by the laws of the non-Muslim lands that they are living in.  (But I also think they are supposed to try to get the laws changed as much as possible to coincide with Sharia, at the very least for their own community.)

But whether this crime of lashing was committed as retribution for not paying debts, or as a Sharia punishment for breaking the Islamic rule against drinking (which I consider to be the more evil of the two motivations), it is a bizarre  and serious criminal assault, and it sounds like the police are taking it seriously, as they should.

Why do I consider the religious motivation to be the more evil possibility?  Because it is a violation of the victim’s rights for having made a personal decision that harms no one.  Non-payment of debts is at least a violation of one’s ethical obligations and *is* harmful to one’s creditor.   But there are legal ways to collect, and physical attack is not an option.

It’s also possible that the lashing was motivated by the combination of the unpaid debts and the fact that the guy had a few drinks with friends.  Finding out that he’s out drinking like a kafir (and spending money on sin instead of saving money to pay his debts) might have been the ‘straw that broke the camels back’.  Or maybe the guy is a drunk and behaves badly when drinking.   As Prodos suggested to me yesterday, maybe while he was drinking he felt up somebody’s Muslim sister.

Anyhow, time will tell us more…

Follow-up story from February, 2013

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