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Month: July 2011

More information on the “Sharia lashing”.

It is now believed that unpaid debts, not alcohol consumption, was the reason for the lashing.


Man accused of sharia law assault called bin Laden ‘soldier of God’

“A MUSLIM man who once called Osama bin Laden a ”soldier of God” participated in a brutal flogging of a man to impose his religious beliefs and his standing in the Islamic community, police have alleged in court…”


“Muslim groups condemned the attack, saying it was misguided if motivated by sharia law. Kuranda Seyit, the executive director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, said it condemned criminal actions in the name of religion.

” ‘Anyone who takes the law into their own hands will be dealt with by the Australian judicial system,” he said. ”If these men did what is alleged, then they have no understanding of sharia and should be discouraged.’ ”

Well, that’s good to hear.   I do think that Muslims are supposed to abide by the laws of the non-Muslim lands that they are living in.  (But I also think they are supposed to try to get the laws changed as much as possible to coincide with Sharia, at the very least for their own community.)

But whether this crime of lashing was committed as retribution for not paying debts, or as a Sharia punishment for breaking the Islamic rule against drinking (which I consider to be the more evil of the two motivations), it is a bizarre  and serious criminal assault, and it sounds like the police are taking it seriously, as they should.

Why do I consider the religious motivation to be the more evil possibility?  Because it is a violation of the victim’s rights for having made a personal decision that harms no one.  Non-payment of debts is at least a violation of one’s ethical obligations and *is* harmful to one’s creditor.   But there are legal ways to collect, and physical attack is not an option.

It’s also possible that the lashing was motivated by the combination of the unpaid debts and the fact that the guy had a few drinks with friends.  Finding out that he’s out drinking like a kafir (and spending money on sin instead of saving money to pay his debts) might have been the ‘straw that broke the camels back’.  Or maybe the guy is a drunk and behaves badly when drinking.   As Prodos suggested to me yesterday, maybe while he was drinking he felt up somebody’s Muslim sister.

Anyhow, time will tell us more…

Follow-up story from February, 2013

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Sharia Law Lashing

I am extremely interested to see what happens with this case – how the legal system deals with it, how local Muslims respond to it.

A recent convert to Islam (whose name allegedly is “Christian”,  funnily enough), woke in his bedroom to find four Muslim men from his Mosque standing over him, and they proceeded to hold him down and lash him with an electrical cord for about  half-an-hour.

One article says that “Representatives of Sydney’s Muslim community have condemned the attack.”  But it doesn’t say who those representatives were or what they said about it.

This is the kind of thing that is alarming those Australians who worry about making any kind of concessions to Sharia law in the West.  At present, some Muslims are asking for parts of Sharia to be allowed for Muslims in  non-Muslim countries, such as parts of Sharia family law and Sharia finance.  Some countries already allow this.

I need to do more research on the subject.  But I’m leery of making concessions to Sharia.  Proceed with caution.

It’s a worry that these four Muslim fellas felt free to mete out this punishment.  I wonder if they’ve done this before to Muslims born to the religion, who would be less likely to rat on them to the police because of family pressures?

I am aware that not all Muslims in the modern world want to live under Sharia (but from what I’ve read of the primary books of Islam, that’s not very Muslim of them).  What is likely to happen if your non-Muslim society has a growing number of the Sharia-upholding Muslims coming to live?   People who believe they SHOULD be living under Sharia, and who are willing and ready to take Sharia law into their own hands and defy the law of the non-Muslim land for the sake of Allah?  How long will they tolerate not being able to live under Allah’s laws?  And will they just go home to a Sharia land, or keep trying to change things in the land of the kafir, bit by bit?  If they don’t get their way, what will they do?

In the case at hand, will the law actually prosecute the four who flogged the newbie against his will?   If so, will the radical Muslims use it as a test case to push for ‘multicultural’  and ‘tolerant’ bending of Australian law in this matter?  Will the four – including the middle-aged man – get leniency because of the religious beliefs involved?  Or will they be treated like any Australian who broke into someone’s house, held him down, and beat him with an electrical cord?

And if they are treated just like any other Australian, what will other Muslim radicals do?   Will there be a publicly-viewable schism between the Sharia Muslims and their Westernized brethren over this case?

Below are my two sources for the lashing story.

Man charged over ‘sharia law’ lashing

Men charged over Sharia law lashing

Follow-up story, February 2013

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Non-Objective Law and the Economy

Rob Tracinski comments on the Dodd-Frank finanacial reform bill.

Tracinski is not in favor of the bailouts or the “stimulus”, but points out that stimulus spending usually has a short-term success before the bubble it creates bursts – a success which isn’t happening.  This article is his take on why it isn’t happening.

I’ll tell you what, the stimulus here in Australia isn’t doing much for the shops on the main shopping strip in our suburb of Richmond.  So many shops are up for lease.   So many businesses are closing down.    I’m buying less, and yet my money is disappearing faster than ever.    Is Australia making the same kind of errors as the USA?  (Eh… I suppose some different kind of errors would suffice to screw up recovery.)

Aside from the above article by Tracinski, I’d also like to recommend a book I’ve recommended before, Thomas Sowell’s The Housing Boom and Bust.  If you get the book, be sure it’s the one in the blue cover, not the yellow one.  The blue one is the revised edition.  It contains all the same information as the original edition, plus extra information that has come to light since the first was written.

If you believe the financial crisis was caused by a too-free market, you need to read Sowell’s book.   And if you read it, you’ll see why I’m disgusted by any attempt by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to pose as saviors of our economy, when they contributed so bloody damned much to the housing bubble that has exploded into such a friggin mess.    These two guys either know nothing about how markets work, don’t care to know, and are merely opportunistic politicians, or they’re trying to undermine the economy.   

My opinion: they pushed for the expansion of housing loans and bad policies out of political opportunism and economic ignorance, and now they’re trying to deflect attention from their own implication in the boom and bust.

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