I’ve been reading the blogs of Cubans who risk their freedom (or what they have of it) and physical well-being in order to put their thoughts into cyberspace.   The best thing you can do to help keep these bloggers safe is to read their blogs and post on them, and tell others about them.  Help to build an online following.   One of the bloggers, Yoani Sanchez, writes:

“Link to the blogs and place them on the search engines or platforms where they can have greater visibility. Each person who reads us, protects us, so we need to strengthen the shield formed by readers and commentators.”

With that in mind, I offer these links:

Generacion Y

Octavo Cerco

Sin Evasion/Without Evasion


Laritza’s Laws

Those are just a few of the blogs.  Most of them have a list of other Cuban blogs down the right-hand side of the websites.  It’s a fascinating and deeply moving world to explore.  Better yet, we can help spread their fame and thus help keep them from serious harm while giving them a great sense of connection with the outside world.  Let them know they aren’t risking beatings and prison for nothing – for speaking out to a world that doesn’t hear.

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