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Month: February 2009

ThinkerToThinker Blogs Upgraded

I’m writing to you today from my upgraded “ThinkerToThinker” blog.

Prodos has been working hard for so long to upgrade his web-system, including changing all his websites to another server (the other one kept crashing) and upgrading the blogs to WordPress Multiuser.  He’s had a lot of headaches during this changeover, but it looks like he’s almost out of the hot, sweaty desert on this one.

As you see, my blog has a new design.  I really loved the old design, called “Retrospotive”, but the old designs aren’t available anymore.  But now… I really love the new design.   And there will be more alternatives available soon, like a wardrobe.

So if in the future you come here and see yet another design, as long as it says “Sydney Kendall Says” at the top, you’re in the right place.  I’ll TRY not to give in to the temptation to change the blog title every month.

One of the new features that I really like is that the comment section now has a text editor, so that guests can use bold and italics and a few other options.

So welcome to my new web-home.  Enjoy the new furnishings!  Type up some replies and bold and italicize them to your heart’s delight!  Send your buddies over to bask in the turquoisiness of the wallpaper.  Or would that be the tealiness?  Anyhow, it’s my favorite color scheme in life.



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