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Month: January 2007

Open Letter to Londonistan

I’m posting below an e-mail I sent to Tony Blair regarding a mosque plannedfor the 2012 London Olympics site. I’m sending similar e-mails and letters to other appropriate people, organizations, and London newspapers.

To read background on this issue before readingmy Blair e-mail, go here:

Ken’s Mega-Mosque will Encourage Extremism

and here:

Mega-Mosque Plans Could Make London “Muslim Capital of Europe”

My note:

Dear Mr. Blair,

I have just been reading about a huge mosque that is expected to be built in London with the backing of a radical Muslim group, the Tabligh-i-Jamaat.

According to the article, written by two Muslims, Irfan al-Alawi and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, the Tabligh is an Islamic Separatist movement, and John Walker Lindh (American Taliban combatant) and two men involved in the London July 7 bombing have been associated with that group. Tabligh preachers reportedly have been crucial in the radicalization of the Pakistani military and intelligence services.

The article states: “The aim of the Tabligh is to unify and segregate “pure” Muslims from their neighbors.” I have little doubt this mosque will be used to radicalize Muslim youth in London and to prepare them to do their duty to bring the West under submission to their “pure” form of Islam.

It was also suggested that this mosque is likely to get some government funding. That would be a travesty, and would be a signal to the whole world that England is surrendering to the mentality that wants to destroy it and the rest of the non-Muslim world (not to mention the destruction of the part of the *Muslim* world that isn’t “pure”).

A huge, dazzling Mosque complex, built next to the site of the 2012 Olympic games, which includes residences, a library, and more, built by a radical sect that discriminates against all other Muslim sects, will tell the world that England is rapidly becoming a dhimmi state. The fact that Lord Mayor Ken Livingstone is welcoming with open arms this monument to overbearing Islamism shouts the message: “England is ripe for submission to Islam;come and hold your basket out, and England will drop right in with the next breeze!”

My English friends here in Australia (I’m an American) have been talking despondently as if the UK is already lost.

I wonder what Winston Churchill would say.

Sincere best wishes,
Sydney Kendall

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For awhile, when looking over the entries on my blog, you’ll be seeing annoying, disruptive stray characters, which I’m going to have to edit away over time.

I don’t know technically why this happened, but I do know that it has something to do with the migration of my blog – and all of the other websites that Prodos hosts – from Prodos’s dedicated server to a new server, which will give the Prodos projects more server space, greater bandwidth, and will cost less than half what Prodos was paying before. Plus the people who run the server will take care of any server problems that come upas part of the server package, no extra fee. Before, Prodos had to pay an outside technician to do the fix-ups. It was becoming impossible to sustain financially.

But the migration process resulted in an unexpected bug – the blog character mess.

New entries should be stray-character free, however. And I’ll be working on fixing the archived articles a few at a time.

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