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Month: July 2006

In Defense of Israel

I’m not saying that Israel never does anything wrong, but in the scheme of things Israel is on the side of the freedom-fighters in a war between liberty and tyranny.But for some reason much of the the press and most of the Western world chooses to see Israel as the villain more often than not.

Below are some links that came in the most recent TIA Daily e-mail magazine (paid subscription). These commentaries are, refreshingly, in defense of Israel’s actions in defense of its own physical survival.

‘Disproportionate’ in What Moral Universe? – Charles Krauthammer

The Vocabulary of Untruth – Victor Davis Hanson

U.N. Mideast Absurdities– R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Stalemate Means Defeat– Washington Times Editorial

Then and Now – Thomas Sowell. “What if the people, institutions, and attitudes of today were somehow taken back in time to World War II? What would have been the result? Would we have ended up winning or losing that war?”

More later, when I’ve had time to read the rest of the articles.

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Eminent Domain: Ohio’s a Hero!

If you want to read about the Norwood citizens who stood up for everyone’s property rights at the expense of the ruin of their own properties (rather than taking the money and running like most people did), go HERE.

This is an informative article in the Cincinnati Enquirer regarding the attempt to take three properties by eminent domain. The owners fought on principle to keep that from happening.

While it may seem a terrible thing for the city of Norwood that their elaborate plans to dig themselves out of economic trouble cannot go through, I have no real sympathy for them. What are freedom-loving Americans doing Continue reading

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