My husband, Prodos, is creating a hilarious, astonishing fairytale based on a few characters I drew for one of his websites. That was a few years ago, before we ever knew we would fall in love.

The original plan, once my drawings inspired Prodos to make a story out of them, was for Prodos to write the story and for me to illustrate it. It was during this project that we fell in love with each other.

But once I came to live with Prodos, we decided to combine our talents to create a storytelling show, with pictures and songs and the two of us performing it , before we try to make it into a book (or several books). The story has now grown into so many episodes (which are both self-contained stories and part of a story arc), with so many characters and events, that it could easily become a TV series or a series of movies, not to mention the illustrated book.

But we want illustrations – many illustrations – of the characters and main events. For the book. For the show. But I was having trouble drawing the same character in different poses and perspectives, without a visual reference. So Prodos took a look around the ‘net and found Continue reading

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