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Month: January 2006

Best Wishes for 2006!

To all my friends and readers of good will, I wish a happy, healthy, prosperous 2006.

And for the world: may sound reasoning and sound policies advance liberty, happiness, and prosperity throughout the world, and may the enemies of those values retreat like whupped bullies who never expected the good guys to know how to punch.

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Butterflies and Wheels

A friend of my husband’s and mine recommended to us the website “Butterflies and wheels” , a site that promises to “fight fashionable nonsense”. It intelligently smacks down such monstrosities as “multiculturalism”, “Political Islam” and other “intellectual ” fashions beleaguering the liberties of the individual in the modern world. I highly recommend Butterflies and Wheels, even though both editors consider themselves to be on the political left.

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