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Month: September 2005

Katrina=Global Warming?

I’ve just been reading three interviews done by James K. Glassman of three meteorologists who specialize in hurricanes.

Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University, Dr. James O’Brien, Director of the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies at Florida State University, and Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist for University of Alabama in Huntsville all strongly, even adamantly, agree with each other that Hurricane Katrina is not the result of global warming, and they offer some important information explaining why they think this.

Go here to read these interviews or to listen to a podcast of the interviews.

On the other side of the track is Ross Gelbspan of the Boston Globe who is certain that Katrina and all the severe weather we’ve been having is caused by Global warming.

Go here to read Gelbspan’s article.

And THIS link may also render some additional information on the Katrina=global warming view. It is to the website of Dr. Kerry Emmanuel, professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT. However, I have not had time to look it over.

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More Information Gathering on Katrina/New Orleans

Here’s more from my information-gathering on New Orleans/Katrina. I got the following links from TIA Daily, an Objectivist e-mail publication I receive every day.

If you’d like to check out TIA Daily and The Intellectual Activist, click HERE.


A Perfect Storm of Lawlessness by Nicole Gelinas

Police, Residents Loot New Orleans Stores

Law Officers Quit By Joseph B. Treaster – NY – Requires registration.


Let’s Hear About the Heroes – by Deborah Orin, New York Post – EXCERPT: “There have been plenty of problems and glitches but the truth is that most Americans are doing what they always do in times of crisis — rallying together to raise lots of money, volunteering, comforting strangers and helping.

“But a lot of the media seems to have decided that’s not the story — the goal is to turn Katrina into Iraq II, so nothing but bad news is worth reporting and all bad news must be President Bush’s fault. ..”

Tribes” Find Way to Survive in French Quarter

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Looking for Perspective on Katrina

As I said in an earlier post, “From Way Down Under on New Orleans”, I don’t consider that I know enough about the situation in New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to do much in the way of well-founded commentary. But bits and pieces are coming together.

Here is a link to an article by Christopher Ruddy writing for Newsmax.

Don’t Blame Bush for Katrina

It offers information that helps bring the situation into clearer perspective. But I’m still looking out for more. Continue reading

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“A War to be Proud Of” – Christopher Hitchens

Today on the tram my husband read an article to me from The Australian newspaper. The article, by Christopher Hitchens, is titled ” A War to be Proud Of“, and it lays out the reasons Hitchens thinks the Iraq war is the right war.

I found the article an excellent stimulant for thought on the subject of the Iraq war and related topics, so I looked for it online to share with you.

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From Way Down Under on New Orleans

I’m still reading, gathering and sorting my thoughts on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but I wanted to register my deepest nausea and heartache over what Katrina did and the hell that has followed.

I’m holding off my judgement for now on how the U.S. government has dealt with the disaster. It is such a gigantic natural disaster, with so many victims and loss of facilities, I don’t know how to measure what a government can reasonably be expected to accomplish at this point, under the extreme circumstances.

Naturally, those with an axe to grind with the Bush administration or with the USA will leap to a negative evaluation. And among the victims and their loved ones across the country, it is understandable that people would be desperate, highly emotional, and angrily placing blame because there’s not enough medical and law enforcement help to go around. Continue reading

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