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Month: August 2005

The Scarf: Should it be banned in Schools?

This entry is more to gather information and the reasoning of others than to put forth my own.

Under my mental banner of “Religious Freedom” I have always believed that so long as the followers of a religion do not try to impose their practices on others by threats of or actual physical force, they should be free to go about their (non-human-sacrificing) rituals and customs as they will.

But since two World Trade Center towers, one Pentagon and four airliners collided with I forget how many terrorists, there are some who have focussed on banning one symbolic aspect of Islamic custom from use in schools: the head scarf. And forget about the whole-female-body cover-up deal. Continue reading

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Iran to Rule the World


The above links to an article showing just how tyrannical the Iranian regime is and what it hopes to bring to the world. The article is at the New York Post, which means you have to register there. (I use Yahoo’s “Addressguard” whenever I register for anything – it’s a service of Yahoo mail that allows up to 100 throwaway addresses. It’s a good spam avoidance technique.)

The gist of the article is that Iran’s newly elected president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has presented a 7000 word document to the Islamic Majlis (parliament) stating that in an Islamic country God is the ruler, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the “Supreme Guide”, the chosen one from the family of the Prophet. Furthermore, Iran is destined to lead the whole of mankind into living under an Islamic theocratic state. Continue reading

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Free Akbar Ganji

I have not seen much in the news about the courageous Akbar Ganji, the Iranian investigative journalist who has been imprisoned for the last 6 years for criticizing the theocrats of the Iranian government.

Since June 11, 2005, Ganji has been on a hunger strike in protest of his unjust imprisonment.

To learn more about Ganji, click one of the links below. And maybe contact your local newspaper and tell them you want more coverage of this man’s situation. The more famous and supported he becomes around the world, the greater the chance that he’ll be set free in time to save his life.

A dying man’s cry for freedom in Iran by Max Boot. You’ll have to register at the LA Times to get to this one, but registration is free.

FREE GANJI Blog This is a blog dedicated to Akbar Ganji that includes translations of his writings and seeks to gain his freedom.

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Death to Multiculturalism!

At last it seems that the fad of multiculturalism is beginning to lose respect. Britain’s government is reclaiming the right to expel aliens who preach violence against the West, and who want to impose their own religion on others by force. And this morning I read this article Cultures Not Equal that says that since the London bombing, more writers are speaking up against the multicultural approach. Goodie!

“Multiculturalism”, as I understand it, is not the same thing as pluralism. Pluralism is a condition of acceptance of various races, cultures, and religions joining together in one nation, in one varied culture , with each group bringing something of its own to that culture. All are welcome, so long as they abide by the laws of the land.

But those who do not respect the rights of their fellow human beings, those who hate the pluralism and freedom that characterizes a free country, and who threaten or do violence to others, allgedly as part of their own ‘culture’, are not welcome in a pluralistic society. They are, in fact criminals.
Continue reading

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